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All of our microscopes are housed in a climate-controlled, black-out rooms. We specialise in live cell imaging, so each microscope has environmental controls to regulate temperature and CO2 levels for live cell imaging. Three of our microscopes also have oxygen control, for live hypoxia experiments.

Below are our basic setups, although custom solutions are available upon request. Please contact the facility manager for more information. The equipment mini-Posters (circa September 2017) are also available to download.



Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss are a leading manufacturer of optics and microscope systems for a range of scientific disciplines.

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We use Andor cameras for our high-speed / high sensitivity applications and have both EM-CCD and sCMOS cameras available. They also produce a number of systems for Active Illumination.

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Our Lifetime imaging setup uses a Picoquant FLIm solution. We also have SymPhoTime64 available on several workstations for lifetime analysis.

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Our Histology microscope is fitted with a Leica colour camera for histological or three-colour fluorescent imaging.

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Most imaging work requires reliable high-end computer workstations for analysis and visualisation. DTP (based in Leeds) provides high-specification Hewlett-Packard workstations to the CCI.

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