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LSM 800 Airyscan



Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 (Inverted)

Laser Lines:

  • 405
  • 488
  • 561
  • 640


Other Features:

Application Notes:

The Zeiss LSM 800 Airyscan Confocal is a Laser Scanning Confocal with full environmental control and automation.

The setup also includes a Airy scan detector providing superresolution images. Ultimately, Airyscan delivers 1.7× higher resolution in all three spatial dimensions and increases the Signal to Noise Ratio by 4–8× compared with traditional Laser Scanning Microscopy systems with a 1 Airy Unit pinhole.

The labelled cells above were imaged live and the fluorescence highlights a non-canonical mitochondrial localization outer membrane signal to study mitochondria contact dynamics in vitro. Data courtesy of Massimiliano Stagi.

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This piece of equipment was funded by INSERT RELEVANT INFORMATION IF APPLICABLE. Please cite this grant code when publishing work conducted using this hardware.

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