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Cell Discoverer 7



Celldiscoverer 7 (Inverted)

Laser Lines:

  • 405
  • 488
  • 561
  • 640


Tube lenses:

Other Features:

Application Notes:

The Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7 with integrated LSM 900 Airyscan Confocal is high throughput widefield and Laser Scanning Confocal with full environmental control and automation.

The setup also includes a Airy scan 2 detector providing superresolution images with Multiplex mode. Airyscan 2 in Multiplex mode can acquire up to eight superresolution image lines with a high signal to noise ratio. The LSM 900 provides high sensitivity and spectral flexibility.

The highest resolution objective is a water immersion objective with automated immersion medium dispensing function. For long-term, time-lapse imaging, the autoimmersion and automated focus detection capability ensure crisp contrast and high resolution images.

96 well plate imaged with differnt magnifications in three channels .

Above, labelled cells were imaged in widefield mode in a 96 well plate. The cells were labelled with a live (green) dead (magenta) staining kit to follow the progression of cell health during the course of an infection. Data courtesy of Dan Foulkes (Fernig lab).

Cells migrating to close a gap.

Following pre-processing and analysis in Zen Blue 3.7, a heat map of measured parameters can be genearted. The heat map above shows the number of live cells per well over the course of the imaging time. There is a clear drop in cell numbers in rows A to D on the plate.

Publication Reference:

This piece of equipment was funded by MRC grant numbe MR/X013502/1. Please cite this grant code when publishing work conducted using this hardware.

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