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LSM 880 Multiphoton



Zeiss Axio Examiner Z1 (Upright)

Laser Lines:

  • 405
  • 458
  • 488
  • 514
  • 561
  • 633
  • 1080


Other Features:

Application Notes:

The Zeiss LSM 880 Multiphoton Confocal is a brand new Laser Scanning Confocal with full environmental control and automation.

The setup also includes a Coherent titanium / saphire infrared laser for multiphoton work. Unlike traditional fluorescence microscopy, multiphoton (MP) microscopy excites samples with a lower-energy laser (600-1080nm) for reduced scattering, less bleaching and greater sample penetration.

The greater depth of penetration combined with cutting edge detector technology allows for unprecedented sensitivity in thick samples such as spheroids, tissue sections or (below) deep inside lymph node tissue.

Above, labelled cells were imaged inside the lymph tissue with multiphoton fluorescence imaging, while Second Harmonic Imaging (SHIm) was used to visualise collagen in the sample without exogenous labels. Data courtesy of Marco Marcello.

Publication Reference:

This piece of equipment was funded by MRC grant number MR/M009114/1. Please cite this grant code when publishing work conducted using this hardware.

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