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Histology Microscope



Zeiss Axiovert S100 TV

Light source:

  • Polychromatic Mercury Arc Lamp: HBO 50


The histology microscope is fitted with a Leica DFC450 C. This three-colour Bayer filter camera can be used for histological imaging (with transmitted light) as well as simultaneous 3-colour or single-channel fluorescent imaging.



The microscope has three filter positions. Presently a single filterset suitable for green-emission fluors and Chroma set 69010 are fitted. The latter gives good RGB separation for single, dual or three colour imaging. Custom and single-channel filter sets can be added by request.

Other Features:

Application Notes:

Unlike confocal microscopes, the epifluorescent uses a 50W mercury arc lamp to illuminate samples. This polychromatic light source is tuned by filters and dichroic mirrors providing good flexibility for different imaging setups.

The camera can be driven by the Leica LAS X software or micromanager for more complex acquisition. The setup makes it trivial to switch between histological (above) and fluorescence (below) imaging. There are also optics for phase contrast transmitted light microscopy at 10 and 32x magnifications.

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